Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to the Year

2010 was quite the year. 
Looking back, it is amazing how many things I accomplished,
the many firsts I experienced, and the fun I had.

In 2010, I:

Crossed the US-Canadian border for the first time
Bought my first Beatles CD
Became the only child living at home
Said goodbye to my beautiful Grandma Lambert
Finished my first full year of graduate school
Married off my sister Megan
Played five-pin bowling
Sent my brother Ryan on a mission
Earned the first 4.0 of my higher education career
Celebrated my first Canadian Thanksgiving
Was diagnosed with mononucleosis*
Visited the Spiral Jetty
Took my first campus shuttle ride
Watched Gone with the Wind for the first time
Went to a hockey game at the Vancouver Winter Olympics
Broke the picnic table bench
Had my boyfriend come for 10 awesome days
Saw David Archuletta in concert
Tried Zumba and loved it
Received a miracle promotion at work

In all, it was a good year.  Good and crazy*. 
...Yet, I can't help but feel that 2011 is only going to be even crazier.

Wish me luck!

*Honestly, the mono knocked me out for a good 3-4 months,
so I don't really remember much of June or July. 
Or August.  Really September and October are just big blurs too.
Oh well.

Happy 2011!

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Jennie Mabey said...

Fun! Sure is awesome to look back and see all that has happened.