Thursday, April 22, 2010

While in Canada...

I had a ton of fun in Canada! Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures. We didn't go to the Olympics, or explore the sea wall, or even go into Vancouver. We basically just hung out for the weekend, so my photos are few. However, thanks to the internet, I can provide you with some snapshots of some of the things we did (or ate) while I was there:
  • Ate sushi. I love sushi. Keith loves sushi. The lower mainland has great sushi. I think it is a new tradition for us: Always eat sushi for my first night.

  • Ate a Donair. I don't know what I was expecting. A donut? Something made of dough? A greasy plate of unknown objects smothered in gravy, like the poutine that I ate last time I was there (gravy-fied french fries and cheese curds)? I definitely wasn't expecting a donair to be just like a gyro, only slightly tastier and a whole lot messier. It was good.

  • Explored the flora and fauna (and fungi) of the forest. It is amazing how green everything is, and how everything is either covered in ferns, moss, or mushrooms.

  • Ate at No. 1 Beef Noodle House. Now, the parking lot to this place only held about 2 cars, which were double-parked. We ended up parking half-way in the street, next to the dumpster. Despite the bad parking, all I can say is, Holy Yum! This place was GOOD, and rather authentic, Taiwanese style. The sweet and sour chicken was to die for, and although the mini lamb hot pot was more bone than lamb, it was still good. I was slightly afraid, however, of catching my sleeve on fire while eating. We also shared an onion pancake, some dumplings, and a passion fruit bingsha with zhenzhu. We ate ourselves to a perfect state of contentment.

  • Ate pannekoeken at De Dutch. Keith's family is Dutch, so he is trying to rub some of the culture off on me. It must be working because I think pannekoeken is rather delicious, if not a bit expensive. Pannekoeken is like a cross between a crepe and a pancake, and can be filled with an assortment of toppings like fruit, whipped cream, eggs, meat, or whatever your heart, or stomach, desires.

  • Went to the Vancouver Temple Open House. Okay, confession: we actually went to the temple open house three times. Unfortunately, I only took pictures once, none of which turned out very well. It is so wonderful to see the excitement the saints in BC have for their new temple. Many (like us) have gone to the temple open house multiple times. They cannot wait to begin doing work there. The temple was gorgeous and is truly the House of the Lord.

Overall, it was a great trip. Hopefully I'll be able to go back soon, though I think it is Keith's turn to come here.

Now, I just need to find time to catch up on all my missed sleep...


Eliza said...

The sushi looks disgusting (but, I'm the girl that can't even stop the gag reflex on COOKED seafood...) but the Donair looks yummy!

And the new temple is beautiful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, you totally deserve it girl!

Erin said...

I loved the sushi picture. The next time we get together we have to go try the all you can eat sushi place in SLC. That beef noodle house looked so good. Hot pot. Oh, I'm going to die.

Laura said...

I second that it's keith's turn to come down here (maybe for our camping trip:) I'm glad you had a good time and it sounds like you had a lot of good food, that's the best part of vacations!