Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jill and Jane Austen

Sometimes I get made fun of for my likes in LITERATURE. Just because I read good, old English classics, I tend to get mocked and ridiculed. So what if I own EVERY title Jane Austen ever wrote? And just happen to be watching Sense and Sensibility this week? Who cares that I have FIVE (or six?) different movie versions of Pride and Prejudice in my collection? Or that I tend to watch Persuasion every other week or so, because I LOVE it that much? Although I have read Mansfield Park at least FOUR times, I have only read Northanger Abbey TWICE; I love Emma, but I have NEVER read Lady Susan. Therefore, I am not a FANATIC--for, I cannot be a fanatic if I have not read the COMPLETE WORKS. And, for your information, I happen to be reading North and South right now, which, by the way, is NOT written by Jane Austen. Nor is Jane Eyre, which is one of the best books EVER. I have read Wuthering Heights twice, and find Wives and Daughters just DELIGHTFUL. Hence, if I also ENJOY the Brontes and Gaskells, I can't be too CRAZY, can I?

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Erin said...

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Suey said...

Funny I just read Lady Susan, it was pretty interesting but not one of her best. I am in the Middle of my first time through Jane Eyre and I LOVE IT!!