Life List

As a senior in high school, my AP English teacher had us write a list of 101 things we wanted to do in our lifetime.  Seven years later she mailed the list back to us.  I was amazed to see that, without even trying, I had already accomplished 25 of the 101 things on my list.   

Since then, I've been compiling and forming a new list of things I want to do before I die.  It was a lot harder than I thought.  Life has already presented me with many opportunities to do things most people don't get to:  I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I stood on the 91st floor of the world's then tallest building, I've gone to college, visited many countries, spoken different languages, and have been blessed to meet people from all over the world.  It took a lot of thinking outside the box to make this new list.  Yet, it is still a work in progress: I'm going to keep adding as I cross things off.  I don't ever want to be without something to strive for.

Some of the items are silly.  Some address my insecurities.  Some are goals I've had my entire life.  I guess all that really matters is that I learn and grow with each experience and just have fun.

What is on your Life List?

***As I've been working on this list since June 2009, anything I've accomplished between then and now totally counts.***
  1. Move out of my Parents' Home  08/19/2012
  2. Return to Taiwan
  3. Get Accepted into Graduate School  06/29/2009
  4. Milk a Cow  07/23/2011
  5. Go Grape Stomping
  6. Catch a Fish
  7. Finish Reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese
  8. Go on a Cruise
  9. See the Great Wall of China
  10. Make Homemade Shui Jiao  01/14/2011
  11. Graduate Graduate School  05/04/2012
  12. Study Tai Qi
  13. Grow Out and Donate My Hair  02/17/2011
  14. Cross the Border to Canada  02/11/2010, 04/15/2010
  15. Go To Mexico
  16. Learn to Juggle
  17. Find a Husband  08/17/2012
  18. See Mount Rushmore
  19. Be Published
  20. Grow my own sweet potatoes  Summer 2010
  21. Go to China
  22. Have a bazillion kids (okay, maybe not quite that many)
  23. Go to Coney Island
  24. Be in a Movie
  25. Use a Spinning Wheel
  26. Eat from the Street Vendors in NY
  27. Serve a Mission with my Husband
  28. Go to to a Summer Olympic Sporting Event
  29. Go to a Winter Olympic Sporting Event  02/13/2010
  30. Go Snow Skiing/Boarding at least once  01/08/2011
  31. Spend a day in San Francisco
  32. Study another Language, preferably Indonesian
  33. See the Northern Lights  09/03/2012
  34. Go to Ankor Wat
  35. Own my own House
  36. Attend the Temple in a Different Country
  37. Compile a Book of Original Recipes
  38. Run/Compete in a 5K
  39. Ride on the back of a Motorcycle
  40. Attend a Chinese New Year Parade (with a real dragon and everything)
  41. Write a Song
  42. Go Whale Watching
  43. Write in my Journal Every Day for a Year  August 2009 to August 2010
  44. Go to Sea World in San Diego
  45. Order Lunch in a Foreign Country in their Native Tongue (Not including Taiwan)  05/08/2012
  46. Learn to Play the Organ
  47. Finish the Quilt my Grandma gave me
  48. Go to a the Olympic Park in Park City  08/28/2010
  49. Go back to Italy
  50. Make my own Pasta
  51. Take an Archery Class
  52. Become a Foster Parent
  53. Volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  54. Ride in the Antelope Island Midnight Ride
  55. Read Homer
  56. Listen to all the Taiwanese CD's I brought home from my Mission
  57. Paint a Picture
  58. See a Movie at the Sundance Film Festival
  59. Ride the Alpine Coaster
  60. Own Season Tickets to some Sporting Event
  61. Learn to Play the Guitar
  62. Go to the Grand Canyon
  63. See the Spiral Jetty  9/25/2010
  64. Try a new Recipe everyday for a Year
  65. Share a Meal with Someone Famous
  66. Finish Reading the Old Testament Straight Through
  67. Take a Boat Ride along the Yangtze
  68. See the Taj Mahal
  69. Go to Pompeii
  70. Karaoke
  71. Enter a Cooking Contest
  72. Visit a Tropical Island
  73. Swim in the Ocean  05/06/2012
  74. Buy an entire Year's worth of Christmas with only Coins
  75. Ride my Bike from my house in Woods Cross to Temple Square
  76. Take a Dance Class
  77. Go 21 Days as a Vegetarian
  78. Enter a Photo/Craft in the County/State Fair
  79. Drive a Golf Cart
  80. Participate in and Sponsor an Entire Family for Sub for Santa
  81. Learn to Drive a Manual Car
  82. Have my Picture taken while standing next to a Really Random Statue
  83. Get a Henna Tattoo (it will come off, right?)
  84. Learn to Change a Flat Tire
  85. Go to the Airport and catch the Next Flight going Anywhere
  86. Go to the Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
  87. Try Vietnamese Food  06/13/2012
  88. Ride in an Hot Air Balloon
  89. Make my own Pesto Sauce  08/03/2012
  90. Take My Picture with Someone Famous
  91. See a Bear in the Wild
  92. Get a Pedicure  12/23/2011
  93. Do my Visiting Teaching Every Month for a Year
  94. Attend a Tennis Tournament
  95. Learn to Count to 10 in 6 more Languages (can already in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese)
  96. Try Zumba  11/15/2010
  97. Join a Book Club
  98. Make a Margherita Pizza  10/01/2011
  99. Attend an Indian Wedding
  100. Go to a REAL Soccer Game
  101. Ride an Elephant, a Camel, or Some Other Really Big Pachyderm  07/15/2011
  102. Learn to Sew
  103. Go 3 months without using a credit card
  104. Enter a Writing Contest  07/05/2011
  105. Take some Random and Ridiculous Class (Like Cake Decorating)  03/28/2012
  106. Cater a Wedding
  107. Teach Piano Lessons
  108. Take a Helicopter Ride
  109. Name my House
  110. Go to all 50 States (including driving through and airports)
  111. See a Show on Broadway
  112. Blog Everyday for a month  06/30/2011
  113. ...Stay tuned; more to come..