Saturday, April 10, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

I received my first Beatles CD in the mail today. The Blue Album, 1967-1970. I don't know why it has taken me so long to buy the Beatles. I mean, I've liked the band since 6th (or was it 5th?) grade when my friend Michelle introduced me to them. On Friday afternoons we would go to her house, sit on the floor in her bedroom, and crank up the stereo as we chewed grape flavored Bubblicious bubble gum. We even went to the Beatles laser show at Hansen Planetarium one time. But never until today have I owned any of their music. It is an exciting day for me.

As I opened my highly anticipated package, my mom asked what I had bought.

"It is my very first Beatles CD!" I replied, proudly showing her.

My father tried to dissuade me. He was never a fan of the Beatles, nor their lifestyle. "You know, probably 50% of their music was written while they were on drugs."

But I didn't care. I happily plopped that CD in my CD player and listened to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" loudly. I even sang along. I even sang in harmony.

Besides, don't most artists do their best work while tripping?

I had me some wicked poppy seed salad for lunch today. Maybe I ought to write me a song...


Dan said...

Music is a strange topic with our family. Megan's family, including herself are kinda music snobs toward me cause I don't know nothin.

Ha ha ha

Dan said...

we are not music snobs. we're not. since you're big on your beatles you should come play beatles rock band at my folks' tomorrow for family night.

Dan said...

that was me, Megan