Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My Grandma Lambert has always been a bit stubborn and a little spunky. Last week, for example, when the Lord called her home, she refused to go. She fought and kicked and told Him she wasn't ready. But He coaxed her, ever so gently, took her by the hand, and led her back to heaven. It wasn't until she saw how wonderful it was (and how handsome Grandpa looked) that she decided to stay.

I can only hope to one day become a woman as wonderful as my grandmother was. She was kind and loving. She had a testimony of the Gospel, knew Christ, and desired that all her children might partake of the blessings of Salvation. She served the Lord, as well as her fellowmen, giving freely of her time and energies. She always cared more about others than she did for herself. She was a Woman and Child of God, and fulfilled her divine calling on this earth.

Thank you for your righteous example, Grandma.

Keep Grandpa out of trouble,
and I'll be seeing you soon!

Kathryn Harmon Lambert
June 9, 1927-February 24, 2010

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The Willeyes said...

What a wonderful woman...but then again, anyone that knows your mom would know she had a wonderful mom herself. I am thinking about your sweet family and hope you have comfort and feel her love for you at this time. What a wonderful tribute:)