Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had so much fun in Vancouver. It really is a shame I had to come home (although I don't think my mother would have appreciated it if I had stayed...)

Some of what I did while I was there:
  • I crossed the border! My first time into Canada!
  • 5-pin bowling (something they don't have in the United States). I came in second with 105 points, just 4 points behind the leader. Not bad for a novice, if I do say so myself.
  • Chinatown
  • The OLYMPICS!!! We ended up getting tickets to the Women's Hockey Canada vs. Slovakia game. The score ended up at 18-0 Canada. Poor Slovakia. It was still a good game, though.
  • Stanley Park and the sea wall.
  • The Vancouver Temple is being dedicated in May. Anyone want to go?
  • Golden Ears Mountain. Seems a little green for February, doesn't it?
  • And of course I hung out with Keith. What else would I have gone there for? :)

More pictures here.


Megan said...

sounds and looks like a great trip. I say beating Keith on your first bowling outing is a good sign. I beat Dan our first time, too.

We missed you while you were gone. We could probably go along when the temple is dedicated... if there were to be a wedding or something of that nature.... ;-)

Bryce & Laura said...

We need enough time to get our passports. ;-)

Jennie Mabey said...

glad you had a great time!

Christy Smith said...

It sounds so amazing, Jill! Those pictures were beautiful, except there weren't enough of you and Keith together. :) I'm glad you had such a great time! See you next week!

Kim said...

I totally want to go the dedication...okay so I was watching tv and they gave this quiz for "True Canadians"...I guess I am one because I only got one question wrong! I'm excited to see you and hear all about your adventure.

Eliza said...

That's awesome....every bit of it!

Kellee said...

Since the olympics, I have decided I want to go to Canada. It is beautiful and your pictures have made that desire amplified 10 fold. BEAUTIFUL pictures! And you guys are a handsome couple!