Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A While Ago...

I'm playing blog catch-up.  Enjoy!

I Made Tomatillo Salsa

I took some of this

and some of this

chopped it up and cooked it all together.

I've got skills.

I Was a Canadian Hockey Player for Halloween

Ebay is awesome!

I Had a Party for My Birthday

Party hats were required.

I Cooked Thanksgiving

It was tasty.

I Got a New Job

One day, my supervisor asked, "Do you want a new job?"

I said "Heck yes!"

And now I have no free time (hence my blog suffers).

I am now an Academic Program Specialist. 
If you want to be an elementary teacher, come see me. 
I can hook you up.

I Built Me a House

And then I ate it.

I Had Finals

I survived...somehow.

I was an Only Child for Christmas

Until the rest of the family came over. 

It was a good day.

I Became a Blob Over New Years

I did absolutely nothing for 5 days.  It was lovely.

I Went Back to Zumba

And am still sweating out the holidays.

Anyone for "Hot Hula" on Wednesday?

I am Bracing Myself

It is going to be one CRAZY semester. 

Pray that I don't actually go crazy...

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