Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Had to See it to Believe it

Myth #1:  Snow is cold.

     True.  After a while, it freezes to the inside of your pant legs.

Myth #2:  Golf courses are just for golf.

     False.  You can do other things than golf on a golf course.

Myth #3:  Snow ruins a digital camera.

      False.  A digital camera that has been sitting in the snow for at least 30 minutes still turns on and works as well as it did before it sat for in the snow for 30 minutes much to the consternation of the owner who was wishing this was the excuse to buy a new one.

Myth #4:  Purple gloves are a fashion statement.

      False.  But they work well with an all black ensemble.

Myth #5:  If you strap narrow strips of wood and other materials to Jill's feet, she is going to fall down.

     True.  Jill has terrible balance.

Myth #6:  Jill went skiing.

     TRUE!!!  And she didn't die!

Thanks Erin and Travis!!


Erin said...

Cute picture. I'm glad your camera still works. Glad that it didn't die in the snow. Sorry, that it doesn't give you an excuse to buy another one.

Do you want to go again? We may go this weekend.

Jennie Mabey said...

Fun! I wanna try it sometime.