Monday, June 14, 2010

Missed Milestone

Last Saturday, June 12, marked my three year anniversary since being home from my mission.  And I completely forgot about it.  How could I do that?  Such an important day--the day that I returned to normal life after a year and a half of Taiwanese Awesomeness--and I didn't do anything.  No celebration. No Chinese food.  No nothing.  Sad. 

So what has happened in my life since coming home?  A lot! 

Over the last three years, I:
It has been a crazy three years and I miss Taiwan a ton, but life is going well.  And I still need to celebrate.  Anyone want to get some Chinese?  I know the best place in Salt Lake...

Read last year's anniversary post here.


Erin said...

Where? Where is the best chinese? We still need to try that Sushi restaurant in downtown SLC. Congrats on your milestone. Look at all you have accomplished. When you said that you fell in love I thought you might put with a guy, but I can see that food won out :). I will celebrate this milestone with you.

Clary said...

Um, YES, I want to go get Chinese food with you. You should call me sometime.