Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I found an article on Yahoo a few days ago, simply stating 14 strategies to happiness.  The suggestions were:
  1. Doing acts of kindness for others
  2. Pursuing personally meaningful goals
  3. Expressing gratitude
  4. Being optimistic
  5. Doing physical exercise or sports
  6. Nurturing social relationships
  7. Savoring life's joys
  8. Acting like a happy person
  9. Doing activities "in the moment"
  10. Forgiving others
  11. Practicing religion or spirituality
  12. Using strategies to manage stress
  13. Avoiding overthinking
  14. Practicing meditation
How easy are these!?  I mean, I already do a lot of this stuff, but how great would it be if I just did more?  Read more, pray more, enjoy more, love more?  I think that, for 2013, becoming a happier me is a great goal to have.

Here's hoping for a happy and fantastic year!


Jennie said...

That's a great goal we all should work towards!

Katie said...

Being happier is one of my goals for this year. I'm reading a great book right now called "The Happiness Project." It is one woman's quest to push herself to be happier through meeting her new year's resolutions. So far, I really love it.