Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's to the Year: 2012

Another year has come to a close.  
I achieved some major life goals this last year, 
so I would say 2012 was a success.  
How was yours?

In 2012, I...

Asked Keith to Marry Me
Enjoyed Kindergarten
Ate Goat for Lunch
Was Proposed to for Real
Survived my Internship
Moved to Canada
Graduated from Graduate School
Accomplished a Sushi-Eating Challenge
Spent the Day in Miami
Acquired New Jewelry
Learned How to Make Gnocchi
Ate Horse for Breakfast
Witnessed the Northern Lights
Passed my Praxis Test and Became a Licensed School Counselor
Fulfilled my New Year's Resolution

2013 has some big shoes to fill.
Bring it on!!


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Erin said...

How did you get your former posts to link to your list? I love this idea and would love to steal the format from you, but I don't know how. Thanks :)