Friday, August 27, 2010

My Literary Vacation in Poetic Form, Year 3

This weekend last, to Cedar City our way did wend
With friends Charlie, Jane, Al, and Will to spend.

First Charles Dickens, his Great Expectations to see
All played in musical score, most set in minor key.

Young Pip is poor, with opportunity and learning scant
Until one day when mysteriously his wish was grant:

To become a gentleman, his desires to pursue
Finery and riches, a life different than what he knew.

Miss Havisham is bitter and Estella’s heart is cold.
In truth Pip’s future the convict did control:

A good deed done, a debt and life to compensate.
Pip becomes a better man, his expectations great.

At show’s end all is well, most repentant and ashamed
Of the way they lived their lives; friendship again reclaimed.

39 Steps was the second show we did attend
The goal to discover ‘who done it’ in the end

A night at the theatre, Richard did regret,
As he got involved in a game of deadly roulette:

For he was framed for the pretty spy’s demise,
And then ran to Scotland to find the truth behind the lies.

Madcap and mishaps later, Richard finally cracked the case
Discovering the secret and putting the professor in his place.

Four actors and a comedy, the audience did roar.
This Alfred Hitchcock parody certainly did score.

Of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen wrote with wit
The characters jab and spar, a romance she does knit.

Five daughters of Mr. Bennett, much accomplished and called fair,
All in want for a husband, rich men their mother hopes to snare.

Two gentlemen soon come to town, Mr. Bingley a delight,
To the contrary, Mr. Darcy finds the country rather trite.

Jane and Bingley are in love, Elizabeth is sure;
Mr. Darcy sends him to London, thinking it a cure.

Mr. Wickham is a cad; he takes Lydia for a ride.
Jane and Bingley reunite, she will be his bride.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, each proud and stubborn too,
Find they love each other, despite their different view.

Shakespeare was the last of the writers we did meet
His Much Ado About Nothing was the perfect treat.

In Messina, Claudio his love for Hero does declare,
While Benedict and Beatrice are a contemptuous pair.

They pronounce their much dislike, but all others do insist
That Benedict and Beatrice love, the others’ game persist.

Frivolity and jest do follow, as each love they have denied,
Yet, see that the true feelings of their hearts they cannot hide

Claudio thought Hero proved untrue night of marriage eve,
Her he slayed with slanderous tongue, though he was deceived.

Truth uncovered, Claudio’s remorse, Hero proved not dead,
A happy end for all, with Beatrice and Benedict to wed.

Next season will be historic: they mark the fiftieth year;
To this summer’s shows and plays I give a hearty cheer.


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Erin said...

Wow. I am speechless and totally impressed with your abilities. Thanks for coming to Park City.

Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

I wonder if the Festival would give you free tickets if you submitted your literary works to them. I bet Fred would be tickled pink to read what you have written over the years. You should try. :)