Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Literary Vacation in Poetic Form

Every year in the summer down south we often go
To sit in the hot sun and breeze and increase our cultural know.

To Tuacahn and Cedar City we often go to view
The likes of Shakespeare and friends; to see a play or two.

At first we went to Cedar. The matinee to see
Was of Cyrano and Roxane, their love a mystery.

“Cyrano de Bergerac”, his name the title too,
With a nose so big and long his girl he would not woo.

An expert swordsman and a poet, his words were all in prose
His enemies were soon subdued if they commented on his nose.

His love he gave through Christian’s name, his love he never told
Until the day that he’d soon die when all were aged and old.

Behold, Roxane’s heart was warmed as she listened to his letter.
And as he died in her arms knew she loved Cyrano the better.

A Shakespearean comedy was the second play we saw,
“Two Gentlemen of Verona”, a laugh it did draw.

Proteus and Valentine, ordered to Milan to learn,
Both fell for the fair lady Sylvia in turn.

Julia loved Proteus; her love for him was true
So to Milan she followed him, quickly she flew.

Disguised as a man she strived their love to mend.
She was victorious, each couple happy in the end.

Next in Tuacahn, in Les Miserable we did find
Prisoner Jean Valjan, a criminal turned kind.

The student revolution in Paris streets did rage
Fighting for equality their lives they did wage.

The tragedy was ended with wedding march and song,
With charity and love discovered, righting all wrong.

With the close of the curtain came the close of day.
The world’s a large stage filled with wonderful plays.

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Megan Di said...

Have I ever told you that you are a nerd? Just thought I would let you know that. . . oh and I love you, too.