Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Literary Vacation in Poetic Form, Year 2

This recent summer past to Cedar we to see
A play of Shakespeare, a musical, and a comedy.

That Shakespeare, a playwright and sonnet poet too
The Comedy of Errors did write for our review.

Antipholus and Dromio, each a twin without the know,
Are muddled and confused throughout the entire show.

Antipholus of Syracuse in Ephesus to find
His brother at sea long-lost, one of his own kind.

Dromio appears, (is really the other brother's slave)
Has not that gold which he his master gave.

Disorder and identity mistook were certain to ensue;
Laughter and pleasure from the audience did drew.

At curtain close each twin was found and together united,
Brothers and parentage revealed; all visages delighted.

In The Secret Garden, Mary young orphan child
From India to England sailed to live on moor wild.

Sad Uncle Archie, haunted by ghosts and love of past.
Colin is so very ill; they fear he will not last.

Mary finds the key that to Aunt Lily's garden fair
Will open doors, tear down walls, allow all hearts repair.

With the help of Dickon flowers soon begin to bloom,
Life and love will scatter doubt and fear and gloom.

Magic touches all, despair and illness flee--
Hope and happiness renew as Archie comes to see

The garden of his Lily dear in painted color bright
Is not dead, but lives and grows. All is set to right.

Of Private Lives, one couple five years ago did part
Find they still each other love in their inner heart.

Elyot and new wife Sybil, first night of unioned bliss,
On balcony along the shores of France share a wedded kiss.

Victor and Amanda at neighboring veranda do reside
Spend their honeymoon; that day she too played bride.

Elyot and Amanda, married and divorced that time ago
Once met again still love the other despite their many rows.

Both like to tease and argue, each their tempers tend to flare
Yet decide to leave the new spouses and continue their affair.

To Paris they do flee, their brawls and fights do raise a laugh.
But in their love continue, remaining the other's better half.

All in all, the plays were fun, though Shakespeare took the cake,
I thoroughly enjoyed them all--Can't wait for next year's take.

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Nick & Jennie Mabey said...

wow, do you ever have a lot of time on your hands! Nice though and good.

Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

That was very amazing! Great job at capturing the weekend and all we saw in such a poetic verse! You should be published!

Erin said...

Wow. Jill, I am impressed. That was really good. You so should get a gig writing a funny column in the newspaper.