Friday, March 15, 2013

A Pi Day Miracle

Today started out like any other Pi Day-- I awoke to dreams of whipped cream and flaky crusts, fantasies of fruits and fillings, and visions of deliciousness.  I did have one goal I hoped to achieve: To conquer my irrational baking fear and make my very first pie crust.

To tell you I was successful would be an understatement.  My pie crust turned out beautifully.  The taste and flakiness were divine.  And if it hadn't been for the slightly overcooked edges (due to my oven getting very hot in the back), it was absolutely perfect.  I'm pretty sure my grandma would have been extremely proud.

The miracle of the day occurred just before we sat down to pie when I remembered to check the mailbox.  I had checked it earlier that day but was quicker than the mail lady.  I quickly ran out to get it and came back with an envelope from the Canadian government.  I opened it to find this inside:

I am now legally in the least until it expires in January 2014.  We are still waiting for the real permanent resident card, but this is a really good omen that things are on their way.  We were pretty excited, so we celebrated...with pie!

P.S.  No one in Canada knows what Pi Day is.  I posted a Pi Day greeting on a Canadian chat board and everyone responded that they had no idea what it was.  Someone really needs to teach these Canadians how to have fun.


Liv said...

I MISS BUTTERY THINGS! That pie looks so good. And I don't know if it has to do with Maine's proximity to Canada but I had never really heard of "Pi Day" until this year.

Megan Di said...

. . . .or math.