Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delayed Processing

Remember this piece I wrote a while ago?    A year later and I am finally boxing up all that I've collected over the years and moving forward.  I guess I never realized just how much us girls can collect when we expect to get married young but never do.  I have far more stuffed into a few closets and totes than I thought I did.  And tonight I realized just how long I've been filling my hope chest and hoping for the day to finally arrive.

While pulling things out of the spare bedroom closet the other evening, I stumbled upon a food processor I have been keeping hidden away.  Out of all of the things I'm getting out of marriage, finally being able to use this food processor is the most exciting (beside getting a handsome husband, of course).  You see, getting married means I get to move.  Moving means I get my own kitchen.  And having my own kitchen means I get you use my food processor.  

Anyway, once I pulled the food processor out, I thought I better open it to make sure all of the pieces were there.  I bought it new and at a vastly discounted price, but as I've never had my own kitchen, I've never check it out.  

A few things I noticed about the food processor:

First, the box still had a price tag on it.  I think I only paid $20-30 for the processor, but the tag said $139, marked down from it's original $169.00.  What a steal!!

Second, the "Sold" tag on the bottom stated that I had bought the appliance at Meier & Frank.  Do you know when Meier & Frank went out of business?  2006.  Do you know where I was in 2006?  I was in Taiwan.  That means I bought the food processor in 2005 at the latest.  I've had that thing for at least 6, maybe 7 years.

Third, as I was pulling out and counting blade, I noticed that the box also included a "how to" video, like most big small appliances do.  However, this was not your average DVD or youtube video.  No, this was a VHS.  A VHS!?  You can't even buy those these days.  

I promptly shoved the VHS into my VCR (yes, we still have one) and watched a very boring chef tell me about my new food processor.  However, he did show me some food processor magic, such as slicing lemons into perfect circles in less than 3 seconds.

I think I'm going to love my new/old food processor--as well as this whole marriage thing.


Melinda said...

I went through a similar process of going through all the goodies I had collected over the years in hopes of one day getting married. It all came in handy when I finally got my own kitchen.

I hope you have many uses for your food processor once you have your own kitchen!

Erin said...

I love your posts. I can't believe that you bought it and then never used it. Hello! I so would have used it.