Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Description

How I feel about some of my obligations right now:

Stir crazy:  Used to refer to anyone who becomes restless or anxious from feeling trapped and even somewhat claustrophobic in an environment...perceived to be more static and unengaging than can any longer continue to hold interest, meaning, and value to and for them... Could be classified as a more specific form of boredom, but combined with elevated and often increasing levels of anxiety, frustration, agitation, [and] fidgeting...the longer the unengaging non-stimulating environment is persisted in... Has a similar meaning to cabin fever, plus the urge to engage and attempt doing anything perceived to be even slightly more constructive and productive, given the extreme limitations of the environment, even if plainly destructive, than doing nothing at all.

I guess that happens when they replace and displace you 4 weeks earlier than they should.

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