Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Customs and Cows

During school last night, my classmates and I were discussing how, after 2 plus years of sharing graduate school, our group has still yet to marry any of us single gals off.  As Keith and I have been dating for forever, they issued me a challenge: Engagement before Graduation.  I have until May 6, 2012 to get at least a ring on my finger.  And if Keith wouldn't ask me, I need to ask him.  2012 is a Leap Year, after all.

When I talked to Keith later, I mentioned my school conversation and that we need to have a proposal soon.

"I want you to ask me, though," I told him.  "I'm a traditionalist."

"A traditionalist, eh?  So does that mean you come with a dowry?"

I scoffed, "A dowry?  Do I have a dowry!?!  Ha!!"

You see, Keith doesn't know much about Utah girls--especially Utah girls who don't get married when they are 19 and still live in their parents' basement when they are 27. 

And so, I started naming everything I have stuffed in my closet.  Dinner plates, cake plate, pie server, steak knives, serving platters, mixing bowls, finger bowls, punch bowl, drinking glasses, chopsticks, rice cooker, bamboo steamer, cutting board, blankets, towels, bed sheets, baking sheets, casserole dishes, mandolin, lemon zester, vegetable peeler, food processor, etc.  And the list goes on because, well, at 27, I've been collecting for a while.

Needless to say, Keith will be gaining a lot from this marriage.

But that got me thinking:  If I am expected to provide the dowry, what about the bride price?  The man needs to provide something, too.  What is Keith bringing to this union?  How am I going to gain?  He should be required to give something for as glorious a gift as myself, shouldn't he?

Whatever he pays, the price better be pretty steep; because, let's face it, with my awesome skills and killer looks, I am at least a six cow woman.


Eliza said...

You'd totally beat Mahana's six cows :D

Erin said...

You are definitely worth more than six cows! My grandfather told my dad that he could have his daughter (my mom) for free if he would just get her out of the house. :)

Melinda said...

Way more than 6! I think you should up that to somewhere in the 50's or 60's. Brent still maintains that the best thing he did was marry someone when they were older. We haven't had to go through the extreme pinchingly frugal stage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is wise to compare yourself to cows. Any man would just be happy to be married to you because you are so accomplished and ambitious!