Friday, December 16, 2011

Jillian's Random Thoughts in No Particular Order

They all seem to follow three themes:

Christmas and Canada
  • I leave for Canada in less than 22 hours.  I'm pretty darn excited. 
  • The fact that I'm spending Christmas in Canada has stressed me out a bit.  I've never spent Christmas with anyone else's family before.  How do they Christmas?  What are their traditions?  Do they open gifts early early, or just when everyone wakes up?  And are they still in their pajamas or do they get dressed first?  See?  It's stressful.
  • I get the impression that Keith got me something really nice for Christmas (NOT engagement ring nice, so don't go thinking that), but I got him far lesser nice things.  In order to make up this discrepancy, I've decided to go with quantity versus quality.  I just hope it all fits in my suitcase...
  • At the end of the semester, I find that I am about 27 hours off of where I should be for my internship hours.  This stresses me out too.
  • I keep having dreams that I all semester long I've forgotten to go to math class, never did my homework, and now it is time for the final.  In real life, I haven't taken a math class since high school (almost 10 years ago--ahh!).  What does this dream mean???
  • Graduation is only 5 months away!!!  I'm just afraid of surviving until then.  Do you think I will make it?
  • I think I am slowly forming an aversion to mashed potatoes.  I don't know, they just don't taste good to me anymore.  This is not a good development, as mashed potatoes are usually delicious.
  • I am slowly discovering a love for Pinterest...or should I say, a love for the food and food blogs that are pinned on Pinterest.
  • Sometimes I wish I didn't love food quite so much. 


Jennie said...

I have that same dream over and over again. . .it is a history class instead of math, though. I, too, wonder why I have such dreams. What does it mean?

Erin said...

I hate mashed potatoes, so welcome to that party. Have a fun time in Canada. And yes, I know that you will graduate. You are awesome!

Melinda said...

I have a very similar dream where I haven't gone to a history and math class. I should be graduating soon and then remember that I can't because I will fail the two classes I didn't go to. I usually wake up quite freaked out and confused.