Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Again

I came home from Canada last night.  I was sad to leave, but I have to admit that I enjoyed sleeping in my own bed again, even if I did wake up freezing this morning.  Sleeping with a furnace vent above is nothing compared to sleeping with a wood stove in the next room.

And if you think that all Canadians have wood stoves in their houses, you would be mostly right.  It seems to be the mode of heating they prefer.  But don't all go thinking they live in igloos and snow drifts, because you'd be wrong.  It seems snow is as sparse there as it is here.  Yes, we too had a green Christmas.  But we did drive through heaps of the fluffy white stuff the next day, and it finally seemed that Canada lived up to it's expectations: cold and snowy.

As per usual, I didn't take that many photos.  It seems I am usually too busy doing other things than photograph my visit.  I will tell you this, though--the next trip might just be tropical--not subarctic.  There'll be lots of photos then.

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