Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Letter of Apology

Dear Family,

We had fun together this past weekend, didn't we?  We had parties, ate good food, told jokes and stories, and generally had a good time. 

I would like to apologize, however, if any of you soon fall ill.  Remember how two summers ago I wrote this post about the time I was six and was blamed for the neighborhood epidemic of chicken pox?  At the time of writing, I thought I had strep and had been spreading my germs all Memorial Day weekend.  Luckily for you, it turned out to be only mono.  Unlucky for me, it turned out to be only mono...

Anyway, yesterday I came down with a sore throat.  And this morning my tonsils broke out into spots.  And this afternoon I was told I was positive for strep.  So, if you get sick, it's probably because I was spreading my germs all Thanksgiving Day weekend.  Sorry.  I seem to have a thing for infections and holidays. 

Lucky for you, I will be out out town for Christmas.  So feel free to party without me, healthy and happy.  However, don't come around for New Year's: we are notorious for our New Year's Day stomach bugs.

With love and regret,


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