Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting for the Amoxicillin to Kick In

There was this time in kindergarten when I contracted the chicken pox.  One afternoon I had gone and played with the neighborhood, and before you knew it, I soon broke out in spots...and so did the rest of the neighborhood. 

Everyone blamed me for the breakout.  But really, how could it have been my fault?  I was only six! 

Lately I've been under the weather and yesterday I broke out in spots again (this time on my tonsils).  And again I've been playing with the neighborhood.  It's true.  It was just Memorial Day weekend and I've been hanging out with friends, family, and all of WX city.  I have been fearing another epidemic.

Fortunately, my Meryl Streep look-a-like doctor says my test came back negative for strep.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know what my problem is.  But she says that I have an impressively sore throat that looks just terrible.  Yep.  Knew that.  Thanks.  She prescribed me some meds and now I wait to see if they work. 

However, if you suddenly fall ill, don't blame me.  Twenty years later and it still isn't my fault.  Hey, I'm not responsible for your poor immune system.

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