Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Flew with the Flu

Note: I promise this is the last Canada post.  I joined this thing where I have to blog every day for a month, so I've been dragging it out as long as possible.

We had a nasty stomach bug being passed around while I was up north.  It started off with Keith's little brother and then quickly made it's way through the family: Mom, the bride, the groom, the other little brother, the cousin's girlfriend, etc.  Keith ended up being sick on Sunday, and I succumbed to it Tuesday, the day I was to go home.  There is nothing worse than having to travel when you are not feeling well.  And there is nothing like throwing up in the car in front of your boyfriend to end a vacation.  Yuck. 

The amazing part of the whole sick story, was that I somehow, despite it being the end of a heavy travel weekend, did not have to sit next to anyone on the airplane--for either flight.  From both BLI to SEA and then from SEA to SLC, I had no seat mate.  I could stretch out, lean against the window, sleep, and not have to worry about breathing on anyone other than me.  It was a miracle.  Truly, a tender mercy.

Sometimes I forget how in-tune Heavenly Father is with our lives and what is happening day to day.  It is nice to have little reminders that His hand is in everything and that His love is always manifest.

P.S.:  Unfortunately, due to being sick, Keith would not give me a proper good-bye.  I guess it just means I need to go and visit again soon. :)

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Erin said...

Oh, so the hickey was a few days old? That must have been a powerful kiss! Anyway, sorry about being sick. Hope you feel better soon.