Saturday, June 4, 2011

For the Love of Family

I had a blast hanging out with all of Keith's extended family this past weekend.  I have met all of them before, (except for Grandma and Grandpa, who I met for the first time after they drove all the way out from Saskatchewan for the wedding), but I had never been with both sides of the family at once.  I had a great time and they are all such great people.  They are friendly and nice, and they just make me laugh.

However, I think what I like best about being with Keith's family is that they all seem to help boost my self esteem.

You see, every time we get together, they give me hugs and tell me how much they like me.  And then they go on to say that if Keith screws it up, they are going to disown him and adopt me.

They make me feel so loved.

But then, they do like to make fun of me.  For example, Keith's aunt was mocking me for using my fork to cut a crepe...  Apparently, cutting food with a fork is an "American" thing to do. 


The Willeyes said...

Glad you had a good time :)

Diana Smith said...

Well, Don't feel bad, I cut my food with a fork too! Those Canadians are just jealous! :)