Friday, June 3, 2011

What Looks Like a Wedding...

Keith's sister was married on Saturday.
I am so glad that I was able to attend, despite the hassle it took to get there.

The wedding took place in the orchard overlooking the lake.
It was a gorgeous day, and the view was amazing!

Dawn looked beautiful and Matt looked dashing.
And both looked incredibly happy to finally be married.

The rest of the McLeans just looked tall (well, most of them...)

Which left me looking short, despite my high heels.

It was a good day, especially when the groom was later pushed into the swimming pool...

Congratulations Dawn and Matt!!!

P.S. Dawn forgot to throw her bouquet, so I didn't even get to try to catch it. 
I guess that means no wedding for me...yet... :)

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Nathan said...

We can get a bouquet to you, if you want one. Just say the word, and it's at your door. Are you ready...? Say the word.

(PS. Remember that thing that you won a little while ago (has it been a year yet? Hopefully I'm not that bad) Anyways, next time we see you it's yours. I'm carrying it in my wallet all the time now for when we see you.)