Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cookie Cure

CNN hasn't called yet, but the whole affair has stressed me out.  Maybe that is this student's plan of attack?  I rehash the incident over and over in my brain until it takes over my life? 

For a diversion, my mom, sister and I went out shopping today.  A little retail therapy never hurt anybody...especially when all you buy is a sweater on clearance for $5.  We hit the mall, had lunch, and were having a perfectly lovely day.

However, in the midst of our therapy session I realized something terrible: 

I forgot to do my homework.

I had an assignment due last night at 11:59, and with the excitement of the day, I had completely forgotten about it.  We ran home, I finished it up in a fluster, I wrote an excuse to my teacher, and sent it in while I had a mini melt down.

Luckily, my mom then suggested that I go to the grocery store with her.  We walked into Fresh Market, and there, right at the entrance, was salvation from all my stress and worries. 

Free samples!! 

Or more specifically, a lovely heap of chocolate chip cookies, mine for the taking.

It was magic: I popped one of those babies in my mouth and just like that all of my troubles seemed to disappear.  Who cared about forgotten homework?  Who cared about failing school?  Who cared about bratty students and their idle threats? Who cared about CNN? 

Not me!  I didn't care!  All I cared about was that cookie and the way it made me feel inside! 

I may have snitched one or two more cookie samples before I left the store. 

But I left that store a brand new woman!...with a cookie in her hand.

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