Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Ready for My Close-up

A rather irate and irrational student came into my office today.  She was upset because, due to uncompleted requirements, she was no longer eligible for a scholarship.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything to help her.  I was out of scholarships and the deadline had past.  But still, she was not happy.

This particular scholarship program is run by the government.  Of course there are going to be snafus and things aren't always going to work right, but this student was convinced that her problems were because of the program, not because of a failure on her part.

"This PR is ridiculous.  Things should not be run this way!"

"Who can I talk to?  I will take this as far as it goes!"

And my favorite:

"I have a friend who is a producer for CNN," she said.  "He thinks that there could be a story here."

Good golly girl!  It's only a $1000!!

After I told her I could do no more and refused to give out any more information, she ended by saying,

"Well, just so you know, Jill, you have now earned a black mark against you.  I really hope this doesn't impact your future.  It could really hurt you."

A threat?!  She threatened me?!  Seriously?!  Who does this girl think she is?! 

She said goodbye, I wished her good day, she walked out, and I went to tell my coworkers because, really, it was a little funny and a tad bit ridiculous.

I just hope the CNN story is a good one--I wouldn't want it to tarnish my reputation or anything.


crystal said...

That is the funniest thing! And all of it over $1000. Let me know if you are on T.V. I want to see :)

Liv said...

Isn't it hilarious that these stupid students think they run the world? I hated dealing with them when I worked at Weber.

One time, a student living in a double room called to complain when she got a room mate. I was like, hey, you're 6 months behind on rent. Shut up.

Erin said...

They are already applying for scholarships in junior high? Wow. My seniors only applied if I gave them extra credit. Isn't being in a junior high fun?