Friday, February 14, 2014

This Guy

This guy drives me crazy.  

He rarely smiles for pictures.
He leaves his socks all over the house.
He rubs his hands on my face because he knows I hate it.
He makes a mess whenever he's in the kitchen.
He insists that he knows more than me.
He constantly mocks my American accent. 
And he never listens.


This guy is my favorite.

He is a goofball and makes me laugh everyday.
He is smart and super handy.
He loves and protects his family.
He studies the gospel and has a strong testimony.
He works hard and is a great provider.
He makes me happy and is my best friend.

And I love him more and more everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Jenna McLean said...

soo cute! Happy Valentine's day!!