Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I've been trying to get more into crafting.  It is difficult, however, as I haven't the money, the space, or the talent required.  But, I do have a hot glue gun, some fishing wire, and a few ideas.

I wanted to do something crafty for Valentines day, but again, I was hindered by the fact that Keith was out of town and I didn't have any supplies.  It was then that I had a wonderful thought: Subway Art.  I had a computer and I had a printer, so why not?

Using my few Publisher skills and a few free fonts I found on the internet, I fit words and phrases together the best I could.  I then walked to the dollar store and bought a $2.50 frame, causing me again to wonder why it is called a dollar store when, in all actuality, very few items actually cost only a $1.

I was fairly pleased with the final product, especially as it was a first attempt.  I liked it so much, in fact, that I decided to do something for St. Patrick's Day, too.

I was further impressed with my craftiness when I made makeshift candlestick holders later that day.  The dollar store had candles, but no holders, so I found a few spice jars that the candles almost fit.  Once home, I took out my trusty hot glue gun, and glued the bottoms of the candles to the bottom of the spice jar. And viola!  Candles to light our fancy belated Valentine's dinner.

Yep, I've got skills.

My projects were definitely easy, which anyone can do.  And in all, I paid $5 for the two frames (which was a little of a splurge, as I could have gotten cheaper, uglier ones), so they were relatively inexpensive.  It is good to know that it I can still do a few crafts on our tight budget.

Now the question is, what to do for Easter?

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Jenna McLean said...

So cute Jill!! and I think you are very crafty and resourceful and I love the subway art you made!