Thursday, January 2, 2014

Notes from Christmas

Keith and I had a great Christmas!!!

  • We had our own little Christmas on the morning of the 24th.  We woke up early and opened presents in our pjs.  It was so fun just to have time together by ourselves.  I love that we are starting to do things and traditions for our own little family, even if it is only the two of us.

  • For Christmas Eve Breakfast I made Sweet Rolls.  This tradition dates back to my mother's family (although normally eaten Christmas morning).  Just today, my mom told me that she ended up not making sweet rolls for Christmas and how disappointed and sad she was that she missed fulfilling a tradition that her mother started.  THAT is how important (and delicious) our Christmas sweet rolls are.  Having them with Keith was probably my favorite part of Christmas this year.

  • We spent Christmas Eve day at Keith's parents' house.  We had a party, helped Santa, then slept over.  The next morning we waited for everyone to come over then we opened gifts with the family and had traditional European (Dutch) breakfast.  Keith's parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas.  I am so excited to use it.  Of course, it would be easier to use if I actually knew how to sew...  We spent Christmas day playing with all the new games Keith and I gifted each other.

  • This Christmas was extra special because Christmas Eve evening sister-in-law Monica went into labor and early Christmas morning niece Kate was born.  She is a beautiful baby, although a few weeks early.  We were able to slip over to the hospital in the afternoon to see and hold the new, precious baby.  What a wonderful Christmas gift!!
I hope your Christmas was as good as ours!!

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