Thursday, November 21, 2013


I turned the big 3-0 the other day.  I still can't believe that I am now 30 years old.  I may be looking like 30, but I certainly don't feel 30 (other than when I wake up every morning and my body pops and creaks at every joint as I crawl out of bed).

In honor of my living through the first three decades of my life, I decided that for the day, I was going to celebrate in threes.

I was going to eat three crepes for breakfast, 
but I was barely able to finish two. 
They sure were yummy! 

I thought about plucking out three gray hairs, 
but I decided that three wouldn't make much of a difference,
so I just left my hair alone.

I tried to watch three episodes of Chuck, 
but I only had time to squeeze in one and a half.  
I love Chuck.

And then we went and saw Thor. 
In 3-D.
Mmm...Thor's hunky...

I'd say it was a win.


Joellen said...

Happy belated bday!

Erin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Welcome to your 30's.