Saturday, October 19, 2013

Great Scot(ty)!!

Do any of you watch that show "Storage Wars"?  I'm a little addicted to it.  It is a show about storage units getting auctioned off and then the goods that are found within.

I was watching an old episode this afternoon and one buyer found some cast-iron dog figurines used as doorstops in the unit he had bought.  One of the figurines was a scotty dog.  Do you remember Scotty from my grandfather's house?  He too is made of cast-iron and was fashioned as a doorstop, just like the one on the show.  They only difference is that our Scotty is about twice the size of the tv scotty.

What was so amazing is that the buyer took the dogs to a shop to be appraised, and the scotty dog was valued at over $500.  Just think what our larger, heavier, most beloved Scotty could be worth!!

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Liv said...

Kev and I love that show. And growing up, my mom had many cast-iron Boston Terriers being used as doorstops in our house. They even survived fire and I think she still has a few of them to this day! What a great find.