Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Temple Work

Last weekend Keith and I spent a wonderful day in the Calgary Temple with his family.  We were able to complete some of Keith's family temple work.  This was my first time I have ever done temple work for relatives (even though they are my husband's), and it was great to be able to feel that personal connection as we accomplished the work. 

The greatest part of this temple trip is that we were able to seal Keith's mom and her siblings to their parents as a forever family.  Keith's Oma had joined the church when her children were young, and all of her children followed her.  His Opa, however, though always supportive of his family in attending church and activities, never believed in a God and remained an atheist until his death.  Finally, after years of waiting, Keith's mom and her siblings were able to finish the temple work for their father and their deceased siblings, and were able to seal their parents and family together in the temple.

It was an amazing and special day, and I am so grateful that I got to be part of it!  Forever Families Rock!


Colette said...

So neat for you to get to be part of that sealing!!! Nick and I have the callings of family history consultant in our ward--so I am motivated to take our own family names to the temple!!

Jenna McLean said...

So wonderful! I love the temple so much! Next time we will have to coordinate our temple visits so we can go together :)