Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When in the Klondike...

Last week Keith and I went to K Days (or Klondike Days).  It was basically like the state fair, except more like a carnival.  I was duly impressed by the hugeness of the event.  They had a ton of amusement rides to go on and lots of fried foods to choose from.  However, rides and food were about all they had and I sorely missed the agricultural, livestock, and art exhibits that are part of my American fair upbringing. 

We walked around the whole park seeing what there was to see before deciding on our activities for the day.  We were stopped and asked if we could be interviewed for the weather channel, but we declined.  What were we going to say on camera about the weather?  That it was sunny and hot?  Definitely too obvious to talk about.  As we were walking away, the lady seemed a bit perturbed that we dismissed her offer, because she gave a last desperate plea of, "Oh, come on.  How often do you get to be on TV?"  I answered with "Quite often, actually," which is true.  I mean, how can we forget my Black Friday news appearance when I was a teen, or my TV commercial for Utah State University?  It was easy to say no.

We decided on the Double Bacon Corn Dog for lunch.  It was a hot dog wrapped in bacon, dipped in a batter loaded with bacon bits, and then served with a side of bacon and maple syrup.  I now think bacon and maple syrup should come with all corn dogs.

As we didn't want to spend gobs of money to ride the rides, we went to a free magic show instead.  They only did a couple of magic tricks, (things like making members of the troupe disappear and reappear), but they had tons of amazing acrobatics.  It was only a 40 minute long show, but I could have sat there entranced for hours, it was so cool.

After walking around a few more booths, we called it a day.  We had ridden the train to the park, (our first time on Edmonton public transportation!), in order to avoid parking.  It was a fun day, and I feel like we are finally getting involved in the culture of this city, even if Keith mumbles and grumbles most of the time.

We don't actually live in the Klondike...but close enough, I guess.

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