Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Psychology of a Pancake

Keith hates pancakes.

Or, at least, he thinks he does.

"Indigestion" is his excuse.

But really, who can hate pancakes? 

Due to his unfounded dislike, I have come to the conclusion that Keith is a breakfast snob.

That's right.  A snob.

Keith likes crepes (French pancakes), he likes pannenkoeken (Dutch pancakes), and he likes waffles (basically fried pancakes).  All are made with the same ingredients.  All are made with the same idea.  All are pancakes. 

So, he can't really hate pancakes if he likes pancakes, right?

My point exactly.

The other day I decided to make hamburger pie for dinner.  It's a pretty simple dish:  hamburger, seasoning, cheese, and you guessed it, pancake batter.  I cooked it up, and Keith gobbled it up.  I silently chuckled to myself as Keith raved about the food he detests. 

As he was eating the last few bites on his plate he asked, "Did you put flour in this?"

"Not exactly..."  My smile gave me away before my words could.  "I didn't put flour in it, but I did add pancake mix."

Keith paled and I fell into loud peals of laughter.  I had WON!  He was eating pancakes without knowing it and he LIKED it.  Victory was MINE!!!

It took a few minutes for my laughter to die down, but when it did, Keith picked up his fork with a resigned air.

"I hope I don't get indigestion."

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