Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Colorful Conversation

Keith:  Did you hang up that green towel in the bathroom?

Me:  You mean the blue towel?

Keith:  No, the green towel.  Did you put it there?

Me:  I hung up a blue towel, yes.

Keith:  It's green.

Me:  No, it's blue.

Keith:  You're colorblind. It's green.

Me:  I'm not colorblind.  It's blue.

You be the judge.

P.S.  When I showed Keith this picture he accused me of switching out the green towel and putting a blue towel in its place.  If only he would realize that we don't actually own any green towels...


Liv said...

I'll admit I sometimes have a really hard time distinguishing colors, but even I can tell that towel is BLUE.

Melinda said...

It sure looks blue to me. My brother is colorblind and we like to play games on him like this. He doesn't think it's too funny when we switch colors on him or ask him to name the color of different objects in the room.

Yay for your bloggiversary too! I am happy you love to write and blog!