Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Whodunit Delight

I've slowly been watching through the old TV show Murder, She Wrote.  I love detective stories, and I like Angela Lansbury, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Can you believe that the show lasted for 12 seasons?!  I'm only on season 2, so the thought of slogging through 10 more is a little daunting, but on the bright side, think of all of the hours of entertainment before me!

Anyway, I found a list of 13 reasons why we should all rewatch Murder, She Wrote.  I thought it was pretty funny and accurate, so I thought I'd relist it, with some editing...

#1:  The delightfully cheerful opening theme song. You can't hear it without wanting to hum along.
#2:  The reliable formula of death, sleuthing, and satisfying discovery.  Someone always dies, and Jessica always figures it out.
#3:  The magical population math.  Cabot Cove's a small town, and after 12 seasons, everyone should be dead, but they aren't.
#4:  J.B. Fletcher's array of alias personas.  She does disguise so well.
#5:  Jessica's bad(edit)self.  Basically, she kicks butt.
#6:  Jessica's moments of genius.  There's an Ah ha moment in every episode.
#7:  The adorable friendship and never-to-be love affair between Jessica and Dr. Hazlitt.  They're just so cute together.
#8:  The delicious near-death moments she always escapes when snooping around for clues.  You think every episode will be her last, yet she survives on.
#9:  Jessica's range of fabulous faces.  AL is a great actress.  People don't act that way anymore.
#10: The parade of before-they-were-famous cameos.  And after-they-were-famous, too!
#11: The fabulous fashion statements.  The 80's.  'Nuff said.
#12: Jessica's fun sidekicks.  And they are all terrible policemen.
#13: 264 episodes of nail biting suspense.  Amen.

You should watch it.

Because it is that good.

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