Saturday, January 26, 2013

Extra Cold Cuts

Since we've been married, one of my wife-ish duties is to make Keith a lunch to take to work.  As his office is his car, the only thing he can/wants to take are sandwiches, as he has no microwave or other heat source, and has to eat while he's driving between appointments.  We usually alternate between the tuna and ham varieties, with the occasional pb&j thrown in.

Keith's been on a ham kick of late, but recently he began telling me that he doesn't like the way I make the sandwiches.  I make them exactly as he tells me to--mustard, mayo, ham, and lettuce--so I was confused as to what I was doing wrong.  Yesterday he finally came clean and told me the root of his sudden sandwich dislike.

You see, as I'm making the lunch, I wash the lettuce to make sure it is nice and clean.  I dry it off with a paper towel and slap it on the bread.  Apparently, I'm not getting the lettuce dry enough, because by the time lunch comes around, the sandwich is nothing more than a little meat and a hunk of FROZEN lettuce.  Yum!

Got to love wintertime in Canada.


Erin said...

I never thought of that. Ick. No wonder he was less than thrilled. You could just give him lettuce in a bag and let him put it on the sandwhich later.

Jennie said...

just got the note you sent. in it you wrote you are going to write on your blog more. . .it's been 2 weeks. . . waiting and waiting. . .