Monday, November 12, 2012

Beef...It's What's for Dinner

I had the weirdest craving the other day--Steak and Eggs.  It was mostly weird in that I have never actually had steak and eggs before, and weird in that that is what I wanted for dinner.

And so we did (on my birthday, no less)!  I give you Steak and Eggs, Jill's way:

Find some cut up sirloin round steak that has been in the freezer.  Brown it with a little oil and onions.  Throw in some mushrooms too.  Add some beef bouillon, onion powder, and black pepper.  Make a gravy with what's in the pan, a little water, and some cornstarch.

In a second pan, cook up some frozen hash browns.  Season with a little salt and pepper.  Once the hash browns are crisped to your liking, take them out of the pan.  Add a bit of butter to the hot pan and fry an egg or two, sunny side up.  Pile it all together (hash browns, steak with gravy, and eggs), and enjoy!  (The best part was breaking the egg yoke and letting it run over everything else.  Yum!)

Don't you like the way I cook?

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Jennie said...

that does look so good!!! that is why you couldn't skype when we called, you had to eat your amazing dinner. I wouldn't have wanted to wait either. hope you had a good day!