Friday, April 13, 2012

13 Random Thoughts for Friday the 13th

  1. I wish Netflix had episodes of Gilmore Girls online.  
  2. Only 20 more days until I get to see my boyfriend.
  3. Tonight I was watching Aladdin with my nieces and nephews.  It came to the part where they sing "A Whole New World".  Aah, the memories.
  4. Do any of you actually have time to make or do any of the things you find on pinterest?  Because I don't.
  5. Tomorrow is Saturday.  Thank Goodness!
  6. Today I gave 4 lessons at my internship and 2 presentations at my job.  My voice is tired. 
  7. Is it wrong to turn the heater on in April?
  8. I think I have allergies, which is weird because I don't think I have allergies...
  9. My sister Jennie has made me dinner for the last 2 nights.  She loves me.
  10. Clive says my name better than anybody else's.  He loves me, too.
  11. I like Indian food.  
  12. I'm not sure how I feel about elementary kids reading the Hunger Games.  I liked the books, but I really think 10 is just too young for the subject matter.
  13. How many more days till graduation?


Melinda said...

My thoughts...

-10 is way too young for kids to be reading Hunger Games. My grandma just read them and she thinks that she was too young too.
-The only things I've made from Pinterest are dinners and desserts and a couple of hairbows.
-Yay for graduation!!

Erin said...

Indian food? Yum. I found an awesome restaurant in South Jordan if you feel like driving. Yeah for breaks and graduation (not that I will ever graduate!)