Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wove, Twue Wove

Tonight Keith asked me a question.  "What was the purpose of God including the story of Jacob's marriage to Leah and Rachel in the Bible?" he asked.

My immediate response was, "True Love!"  And I explained:  As Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, he worked for seven years to earn the right to marry her.  But his father-in-law tricked him, and he ended up marrying Leah instead.  But as Jacob LOVED Rachel, he worked another seven years before finally being able to marry her.  Yep, definitely True Love.

When I was finished explaining how true love really does fit into the Bible, I continued by telling Keith that every time I hear the phrase "true love", it makes me think of the movie The Princess Bride.  It is mentioned a few times throughout the movie, but the scene that came to mind was where Miracle Max is commissioned to bring the Man in Black back to life.  When Miracle Max asks the dead Man in Black what he has worth living for, he responds, "True love".  Remember? 

As Keith was silent on his end of the phone at this point, I commenced to play out the whole movie scene for him, word for word, line by line.  I used voices, narrated the actions of the actors, and played each part.  It truly was an Emmy earning performance.  At the end of my soliloquy, while I paused for breath, Keith finally broke in with:

"You're weird."

Honey, you have no idea.

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