Sunday, November 20, 2011


Have you ever gone to a church meeting, sat in the congregation, and realized that the speaker had prepared their talk just for you?  I don't think that had ever happened to me before until today.  There I was, sitting in the chapel and minding my own business, when the Spirit told me to pay attention. 

I often find myself getting too wrapped up in life.  I focus too much on my schedule and my stress level, and I forget the most important things.  I forget that no trouble is too small, no worry too insignificant--all of it matters to my Heavenly Father.  Over the last little while I have taken my burdens in my own hands, thinking that I can take care of them myself.  While my problems aren't big or important, today I realized that I don't need to just rely on myself to solve them.  I realized that Heavenly Father is there and that I can rely on Him.  I don't have to struggle through my trials and frustrations alone; I can take any little problem to Him, and He will help me. 

I can't quite adequately find the words to express all that I am trying to convey.  It all makes sense inside my head, but I can't quite capture the words.  What I can say, however, is that Heavenly Father loves His children.  He will not leave us alone.  He cares about me and my worries, whether great or small.  I just need to rely on Him more often and trust Him with my sometimes heavy heart.  And while He might not take the weight away, He will help to relieve the pressure.

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