Saturday, November 19, 2011

It Just Keeps Going, and Going, and Going

Do you remember when I used to blog?  I mean, really blog?  When I would post more than a video or a few words?  The days where I would actually write something worth reading?

I miss those days.

And I thought that this month, with NaBloPoMo and all, that I would go back to real blogging.  That I would type words and tell stories and share insights with more meaning than a YouTube clip.  But so far I have failed.

This month has been insane.  I honestly do not remember a time where I have felt so rundown, so stressed or so unbalanced as I have over the last few weeks.  I have just felt like I run and run, yet I don't get anywhere.  I work and work, yet there is still so much left to be done.  And when I get home at night, I just melt into a lump and do not move again until morning. 

It is not healthy.

So, let's just say that I am very, very, VERY excited for the holiday next week.  It is only too bad that my mother has to orchestrate two parties, which means that I have to help orchestrate two parties, and that my relaxation will be cut short by cooking and cleaning and entertaining and all.  Yet, hopefully the break will help me get back on my feet, bring me back to normal, and send me back to a time when I did not feel like the Energizer Bunny with a dying a battery,

Maybe then I'll blog.

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