Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Seven

For the first time in a long time I have had time to do some leisure reading.  With no class, no homework, and no textbooks, it has been great to just relax and read.  So after 2 years of graduate school without more than holiday breaks, what do I pick up to read first? 

Harry Potter.

Yep, all 7 books, all 4,167 pages.

It was awesome.  Just like last time.

But now the question is: what to read next?  Any suggestions?


Melinda said...

Brent and I reading them again too. They are absolutely wonderful reading! Books I've read lately that I have loved: Flipped, Matched, True...Sort Of, and the Percy Jackson series.

Joellen said...

Jill... I am resorting to many Childhood series these days.... I don't get through big books these days. Problem is, Jake's brother started a "Family" book club, and I'm locked in with books that aren't my 1st choice for a few more months it seems.

Kellee said...

My 2 favorites, if you haven't read them yet...the help and the book thief. So sorry to hear about your friend's accident and passing. I hope his family is coping and you've all felt some peace and comfort during this long and hard month!