Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random and Exactly on Topic

Sometimes it is hard to think of things to blog about.  Normally, I would just tell you about my day, but my day was rather boring.  Seriously, the most notable thing that happened was that today I went to a meeting, and for lunch they fed us pizza, sourdough bread, and pitas.  Does anyone else think that is weird?  To have all three in one meal?  I am still suffering from carb overload.

So, if I don't tell you about my day, I may just complain about school.  However, I feel that I kind of did that yesterday.  And frankly, I just don't want to think about it.  It just stresses me out because 1) I have 2 major projects due before class next week and I just don't want to do them so I am procrastinating as long as possible, and 2) 55 hour weeks are NOT going to be fun.  Just the thought makes me want to start hyperventilating.

I could discuss work.  Work is going well, but it is stressing me out, too.  1) As I've stated before, work + internship = not good, and 2) there are some other funky vibes going on lately.  Nothing bad, just funky.  It's hard to describe, so I won't.

I could mention Keith.  However, he didn't call me tonight.  I"m a little sore about it.  So, I'm moving on (with blog subjects, not boyfriends).

I could say something about my family.  I did get some sweet kisses from Clive tonight, and it is Miss Vera's big day, but it is only blog worth if I have pictures.  And I don't.

And finally, I could tell you a story.  But stories take time and I find that tonight I don't want to give any.

So, there you have it.  All and nothing, at the same time.

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