Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Runs in the Family

Some people (read 'Keith') think I have an obsession with shopping.  It isn't true.  Yes, shopping is fun, and I do it often, and spending money can make one feel better, but I hardly think I have an addiction.  I can quit anytime I want.

Anyway, last week we had these Kohl's coupons (remember Dumpster Diving?).  Well, when we went to use our coupons, if we spent more than $20 at check out, the machine would print out an additional $10 savings for this week.  What a deal!!

So tonight my mom and I headed back to Kohl's to use our bonus $10 coupons.  As we walked toward the store entrance, my brother-in-law walked out.  As we stepped inside, there were my sister and two of her kids.  And as we progressed through the store, we bumped into one more sister and one more brother-in-law.  All of us at the store on a Thursday evening.  All of us using our extra $10 savings. 

What can I say?  It must be in the genes.

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Jennie said...

that was so funny that we were all shopping at the exact same time!