Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tuesday Drudge, Part IX

Have I told you that this summer is my last semester of classes?  Yep.  Come August, I will only have my year-long internship to complete and then I am finished and my Tuesday nights will once again be free. It seems so close...and yet so far away.  And I have a severe case of graduate-itis.  I have one of my hardest classes this semester and I just don't seem to care.

This morning I went to a "Dress Rehearsal" for college orientation.  They gave us fake biographies so we could pretend to be incoming Freshman.  It was eye-rolling to hear many 40-something year-old women giddily pronounce that they were now 18.  Giggly giddy, and completely silly.

I forgot to mention that while in Canada I had my first taste of Ketchup potato chips.  I have to admit that I really rather enjoyed them.  Keith's mom sent us out to get chips for dinner and I was adamant that we get the ketchup flavored ones.  Keith balked, but guess which chips were devoured first?  That's right: Ketchup.  I liked them--and apparently, so did everyone else.  They are surprisingly tomato-y.

Don't forget to vote for the new blog name finals.  Hurry!  You only have 17 hours left.

I don't really like Tuesdays...but I do like odd flavored slices of fried potatoes.  They have some awesome flavors in Taiwan...

Happy Tuesday!

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Liv said...

what the heck is with those weird chips?! are they supposed to be like french fries with ketchup on them?

and what are you going to do about the TIE FOR YOUR NEW BLOG NAME?! it's stressing me out.