Saturday, June 18, 2011

Still on Track

During the summer of 2009, I started writing in my journal every day.  My goal was to keep the habit up for a year and some how I made it.  Some days I would write long entries, sometimes very short entries.  Some days I had multiple pages; others, just a line or two, and occasionally, just a couple of words.  Yet, regardless of length, I picked up my pen, opened my journal, and wrote every single day. 

My goal for June was to blog every day for the month, and so far, I have made it.  Some days the posts are short.  Some days they are long.  Sometimes I tell you a story, sometimes I don't. However, unlike my journal entries, there is a point where too few words just doesn't cut it.  It seems wrong to only write what I would often write in my journal on late nights.  I mean, it just doesn't seem right or sufficient to simply write

"Am tired; will blog tomorrow."

But that's what you're getting.

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