Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spiders on a Sunday

Our garage is pretty dirty.  Leaves and dirt blow in, dust settles, and bugs make their homes.  I assume it is pretty much like other people's garages; they are hard to keep clean.

It was raining pretty hard outside as I was leaving for church this afternoon.  I stopped to admire the rain out of the open garage door for a second (I love me a good rainstorm), and then walked around my car to get in the driver's side door.  As I park in Garage Spot #2, the drivers side is near the outside wall of the garage, and as we always have a lot of junk in our garage, I normally have to step over something that has been placed between the wall and my car to get to my door.  So, today, just like any day, I stepped over the mess in my high heels, opened my door, tucked my skirt beneath me, and climbed inside my car. 

I went to insert my key into the ignition, when something caught my eye.  I looked down at my skirt and just about freaked out.  There, right above my knee and brightly juxtaposed against my black skirt, was a lovely white wad of spider web, and a lovely dead spider to go with it.


I jumped out of my car, used a closed umbrella to swat at the dead spider and to GET IT OFF!, and then ran back inside to clean myself up.  A little spider and web shouldn't bother me, but it was gross.  And I was in a dress.  And there was a spider.  On me. 

I'm not quite sure how my dead 8-legged friend got stuck on my skirt.  My guess is that I brushed up against something (the wall?) as I was getting to my car. Maybe it was hanging off my car door?  Perhaps I snagged it as I was climbing over junk?  I just don't know.

One thing, though, is for certain:  It is time to clean the garage.


Jennie said...

I think your garage is dirtier than the average, with it being OPENED all day and evening. Keeping it closed would keep it cleaner.

Holli and Billy said...

Ok, I totally disagree with both you and Jennie! Every time I walk by your house and see the garage, I think to myself that it is by far the cleanest garage I have ever seen!

The Willeyes said...

Your garage is very clean...and I totally agree...SPIDERS...oh no!!!